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Matt Ridley: How Innovation Works, Part 2
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Matt Ridley: How Innovation Works, Part 2


Matt Ridley, Naval Ravikant

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The faster you can read a book, the worse a book it is. If you can speed read a book, you should just put that book away. It doesn't deserve to be a book.

Unlike Television, Social Media Creates Filter Bubbles & Echo Chambers

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us quite starkly that we haven't been doing enough innovation. We've haven't been developing enough vaccines. We haven't been searching for ways to expedite vaccine development. We haven't been developing enough diagnostic devices.

Innovation Is Beneficial for Humanity & the Environment

We've been here before. We've expected innovation and automation to destroy jobs, but it never does. It always creates new kinds of opportunity for employment. It creates the wealth that enables people to employ others.

Automation Likely Won't Cause Widespread Job Loss; New Jobs Are Always Created

All failures and sins are just ignorance—it's just a lack of knowledge. If we were to speed up the accumulation and application of knowledge through innovation, we would be able to solve all of humanity's problems.

Innovation Is Only Bound By the Laws of Physics

We're building a decentralized finance infrastructure for borrowing, lending, derivatives, trading, custody—all of that stuff. The things that Wall Street does for 20% of the United States GDP will be done for 1% of GDP in crypto land.

The Green Shoots of Crypto Are Beginning to Emerge: Decentralized Finance & Applications

We tend to over-lionize and remember a few inventors as being the creators when it's actually much more of a team and distributed process.

History Is Written By the Victors, Like Facebook & Airbnb

The effects of innovation are overestimated in the short-term and underestimated in the long-term.

Crypto's Effects Are Overestimated Short-Term & Underestimated Long-Term

Innovation is the child of freedom because it's a free and creative attempt to satisfy freely expressed human desires.

Naval Highly Recommends Matt's Book, "How Innovation Works," For Entrepreneurs

If we can innovate more, we're not going to destroy the planet. It's the reverse—innovation is the safest way of saving the planet. It's the poorest countries that are seeing the most damage to the environment at the moment.

Innovation Is Beneficial for Humanity & the Environment